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7 Pillars of Best Practices in the Title Insurance Industry

At Wamego Title, we utilize “Best Practices” to ensure the safety of our customers’ private information, and to safeguard funds and title to real estate. Best Practices are the established operational procedures in a specific industry that have become the proven way to run a successful business. Wamego Title complies with the American Land Title Association or ALTA Best Practices. The American Land Title Association is the national organization representing title companies from the entire United States. Our insurance underwriters review our company annually to ensure we remain compliant in our day-to-day operations. The seven areas or “pillars” overseen by these standards are: Licensing, Escrow Services, protecting Personal Information, the Settlement Process, Policy Production, Insurance Coverage, and Customer Care.

Being compliant with the ALTA Best Practices means that Wamego Title offers an extra layer of protection and care to our clients, as well as to realtors and lenders. One of the hot button issues in this digital age is the concern about protecting personal information. There are many new regulations that have been created to ensure that our clients’ Non-public Personal Information is safeguarded. We work hard to comply with these regulations, by using electronic programs such as DocuSign® and our Paperless Closer document portal, as well as encrypting and adding passwords to emailed documents. We utilize this level of security for all transactions, whether required or not. In addition, we follow safeguarding procedures, policies, and controls for our Settlement Process, the handling of our Escrow Account, and the production process of the Title Insurance Policies we issue. We obtain and maintain the proper licenses, as well as maintain liability, fidelity insurance, and errors and omissions insurance coverage for our business and employees. Furthermore, our title insurance agents participate regularly in training sessions to stay aware of current issues and new methods of providing service by implementing and utilizing new technology. The last of the Best Practices pillars is Customer Care. We strive to offer personalized service to each one of our clients, and follow our procedures to address any possible issues.

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