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Mobile Closings – The Answer to Busy Schedules

While it is a good idea to attend your real estate closing in person to exchange the funds and the keys to the real estate, it is not absolutely necessary to come to our office in person for a closing appointment. Though our main office is located here in Wamego, we do have a second office in Alma, and for those who live or work in Manhattan, our closing agents are equipped to meet with clients at the location of their choice to witness a signing. We also offer a courier service to pick up or deliver documents back and forth. 

If you are the Seller, we can email all the documents to you and your realtor, if you have hired one, in advance of the closing date. You will have to arrange to sign the deed and some other documents in the presence of a notary, and, once the documents are signed, the originals should be delivered to our office either by hand, sent via a certified carrier that provides tracking information, or if you are in Manhattan, call us and our courier will be there soon. We will need the original deed and any other original notarized documents returned to our office prior to the closing date, but signed documents that do not require a notary’s signature may be returned to us electronically. We will also ask how the proceeds should be sent to you. You may schedule a convenient time to drop by our office to pick up the check or the funds can be shipped or wired to you. Please note that if the funds are to be shipped or wired to you, transit fees may be charged. 

If you are the Buyer and use a local bank in the area, you will oftentimes sign all the closing paperwork at their branch. After the loan closing has happened, either you or a bank representative will drop off the signed documents and funds at our office. If it would be helpful, our courier can also go to the closing location and pick them up. You will not need to schedule an appointment with us in this instance. If you are using a lender who is not in this area, they may hire us to close the loan. If this is the case, we will set up an appointment to meet with you at one of our offices, your realtor’s office, or the alternative location of your choice. Our closing agent will work with you and your lender to complete the loan paperwork and process the closing funds.  

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